ToE and Atman

Atman says – nainan chindanti sastrani, nainan dahati pabakah, na chainam klaydyantapo, na sosheyti martutah.

Means just like atman cannot be destroyed by any means, energy also whatever be the reason for its existence cannot be destryoed but can only be transform from one form to another which has already been expained and put forth by many in past like for western world it was in the form of “conservation of energy” and in india as – karm pradhan viswa kari rakha jo jas karhi so tas phal chakha or as you sow so shall you reap which directly indicates the amount of return which you get is proportional to the amount of energy you put, if there are any disbalance that has to be paid off either the carry forward form previous birth or in next birth or within the current birth.

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