Nothing is free of cost !!


As we know Heat is directly proportional to energy, which is proportional to matter, which is directly proportional to money, which is directly proportional to atman, which is inversely proportional to time.

As it is stated above that money is equivalent to energy whereas when we say cost, I meant something which you are paying off with money.

So, free of cost = free of money = free of energy !!

Now, can there be any thing which is not composed of matter I mean out of nothing (actually not even virtual is not “out of nothing” note that this is a separate topic) ? Nope !!

So, when we say free of cost, then we are talking of free of matter which is not possible.

Hence, whenever we say there are somethings which are free of cost, always remember that the sentence is incorrect as there cannot be anything free and it is counted somewhere.

Either the giver is carving out some energy from their deposits and giving those for free to you  or the cost is counted in your capex which will be anyway influencing salaries hence, but energy transfer is happening for sure and hence you get the products irrespective of in the name of cost or free of cost.

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