ToE and Atman

Atman says – nainan chindanti sastrani, nainan dahati pabakah, na chainam klaydyantapo, na sosheyti martutah.

Means just like atman cannot be destroyed by any means, energy also whatever be the reason for its existence cannot be destryoed but can only be transform from one form to another which has already been expained and put forth by many in past like for western world it was in the form of “conservation of energy” and in india as – karm pradhan viswa kari rakha jo jas karhi so tas phal chakha or as you sow so shall you reap which directly indicates the amount of return which you get is proportional to the amount of energy you put, if there are any disbalance that has to be paid off either the carry forward form previous birth or in next birth or within the current birth.

Nothing is free of cost !!


As we know Heat is directly proportional to energy, which is proportional to matter, which is directly proportional to money, which is directly proportional to atman, which is inversely proportional to time.

As it is stated above that money is equivalent to energy whereas when we say cost, I meant something which you are paying off with money.

So, free of cost = free of money = free of energy !!

Now, can there be any thing which is not composed of matter I mean out of nothing (actually not even virtual is not “out of nothing” note that this is a separate topic) ? Nope !!

So, when we say free of cost, then we are talking of free of matter which is not possible.

Hence, whenever we say there are somethings which are free of cost, always remember that the sentence is incorrect as there cannot be anything free and it is counted somewhere.

Either the giver is carving out some energy from their deposits and giving those for free to you  or the cost is counted in your capex which will be anyway influencing salaries hence, but energy transfer is happening for sure and hence you get the products irrespective of in the name of cost or free of cost.

ToE and Bribe

What is bribe ? – asking favor in terms of money/land/other objects etc to move/influence/change certain things or to perform some act which rightfully should have been performed without that favor.


Now when one has to perform certain act for which equivalent amount of energy or money are already being paid then one need not ask/expect any more money (energy) for the work they never performed (means the energy which they never burned).


Someone (e.g., an employee, employer or a service provider) may justify this by saying that because I am underpaid hence bribe is my means to mitigate/supplement that underpayment but in all other cases bribe is something for which you never made payment of energy and hence those extra energy indicates the bribe which someone gathered unfairly.


This extra energy has to be balanced out some day in some form. That balancing out varies but it balances itself overtime for sure.

Government is unfair to its own people!


As per theory of energy, each of our activity transforms energy changes energy or simply saying play with energy. In brief, we creates new form of energy by consuming some other forms of it.

We know something called “Carbon Footprint” a concept / a word which is mostly measured at countries level but it should be measured (if not) and must be understood at-least by each individual at an individual level.

“The lowest level could be at activity level.”

Each one of us consumes resources and in turn having a carbon footprint marked against us. To easily put it we all have a credit card kind of account whereas the balance is not money but energy and the more we consume the more carbon footprint we leave back which has to be paid back / neutralized.

Now, with this measure, without much doubts we can consider that people in villages and even lot many in cities (meant with people who are closer to poverty line or say middle class) must have been more prosperous or at-least having all the basic prosperity and facilities because they have / had to payoff less than their city counterparts (city people consumes more and leaves larger carbon footprint).

But, then is that true? is it happening? No !

Hence somewhere there are some energy sinks / holes whereas all these energies rather than being with villagers (less Carbon footprint creator), it is with the opposite side. In other words there are someone who is leaving larger carbon footprint but not paying off equally – as a result lesser availability with villagers.

But then what government is doing – isn’t this comes under their role to bring a balance or proportionality in the energy distribution among everyone?

If yes and then whether Govt. has done it? Evaluate and find the answer yourself.

If Govt. has not done it then its unfair to its own citizen !